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Dr. Mirza Baig
Dr. Mirza Baig has been practicing as a family doctor in Arlington VA since 1997. Dr.Baig is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
          • He had finished his residency in Internal Medicine from                            Georgetown University Program in 1996
          • He is a member of American Physician Society since 1997
          • He was certified by American Board of Internal Medicine in                    1996 and  then recertified in Internal Medicine in 2007
          • Dr. Baig is affiliated with INOVA Fairfax Hospital since 1997
          • Dr. Baig was recently awarded for completing 10 years in                        INOVA  Fairfax Hospital

Dr. Baig, an Alexandria primary care doctor, was Certified in 1996 and recertified in 2007
          • Internal Medicine Certification and ISCD Certification
          • American College of Cardiology Certification in Independent                EKG Interpretation
          • Civil Surgeon for Citizenship and Immigration Services
          • Certified by International Society for Clinical Densitometry                    (ISCD) 2004
If you’re looking for an Annandale doctor that offers reliable services without the typical wait time of your normal doctor, visit our Annandale walk-in clinic today.
Dr. Baig

More About Us

Annandale Walk In Clinic was founded in 2004. The founder aimed for the clinic to be a medical outfit that catered primarily to the people within the immediate vicinity. This included high school students, teenagers, and adults needing immediate check-ups. The founder maintained the clinic's professional vibe by attempting to serve each patient in a prompt, precise manner. He required the in-house doctor to use simple terms that patients can understand. Soon enough, people got wind of a walk in physician clinic Annandale that granted quality healthcare service.

The founder realized that he needed to upgrade his services to serve the Annandale population better. He brought in more staff and equipment that would enable him to provide physicals in Annandale. He banked on the fact that a lot of his previous patients were either high school students or teenagers. These patients needed to have their blood chemistry taken and assessed quite often, about once every few months. The athletic ones needed sports physicals Annandale before they entered formal competitions. Soon enough, the clinic expanded its reputation as a premier provider of Annandale physicals.

The founder knew that even though he already had enough trust and exposure among the people of Annandale, he needed another service feature to render his physician walk in clinic sustainable. He reviewed his patients' records and realized that the key lay in providing another type of physicals service, particularly immigration physicals Annandale. People who applied for VISA clearance needed to have their physicals done by a reputable and accredited medical outfit. The founder rose to this challenge, and further strengthened the capabilities and reputation of Annandale Walk In Clinic.

For interested, walk-in patients, the clinic's address is 7501 Little River Turnpike, Suite 104 in Annandale, VA. Patients may also inquire or place reservations via phone at 703-256-6010, or via e-mail at [email protected] The clinic's business hours are the following: 10:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday, and 10:30 am to 2 pm on Saturday. The clinic is closed every Sunday.