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Services We Offer

Our Services
When you visit the Annandale Walk-In Clinic, our qualified and trained staff and Annandale doctor provides the following services:

          •Aortic Scan & Bladder Scan
          •Physicals for school, employment, annual

          • Civil Surgeon for Citizenship and Immigration Service
          •Evaluation of dizziness, frequent falls, and balance disorders
          • Laboratory
          • Vaccinations, EKG,  Spirometry, 24 Holter Monitor

When you need urgent medical attention and don’t have the time to wait days for your scheduled appointment, call today to make an appointment with our Alexandria primary care doctor.  We guarantee a same-day appointment and will help you receive the medical attention you need as soon as we possibly can. 

Additional Service Information

Annandale Clinic provides top-notch health care services not expected of any other walk in physician clinic Annandale. Its most popular feature nowadays is Annandale physicals. It is more affordable than other medical outfits that also provide physicals in Annandale, particularly bloodwork. The reason for this is that the clinic has a Memorandum of Agreement with the various high schools in the area to provide sports physicals Annandale at a discounted rate. The clinic agreed to this MOA because it aimed to ensure that the high school students within its vicinity would have affordable and accessible healthcare. The clinic recognizes that these students are in a critical stage and would like to assist the schools' primary objective of catapulting these students to their full potential.

Annandale Clinic's secondary service focuses on immigration physicals Annandale. People who apply for a VISA would inevitably need to have physicals done by a medical outfit that would be on par with embassy standards. Luckily, the Annandale Clinic's long history of outstanding medical service is widely regarded as acceptable to conduct blood work for VISA applications.

Aside from physicals, the physician walk in Clinic Annandale is also popular as the "anti-colds" medical outfit in the area. The people of Annandale immediately seek a consultation once they feel the onset of common cold or flu. People with other symptoms such as loose bowel movement or muscle pain also seek the clinic's expertise. The clinic has a built-in pharmacy, making any medicine purchase convenient for all patients.

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